Seconds After The Alabama Race Ended, The President Called Moore And Did EXACTLY What He Promised

President Donald Trump made no secret the last few weeks about his support for Alabama Senate candidate Luther Strange. However, last night Strange lost out to Roy Moore in the Republican primary.

So, did Trump decide to tear the party apart when his guy lost? HELL NO! He went and called up Moore and offered him the full support and resources of the Republican party to win his election in December.

This right here is a very important lesson for the Republican party to learn. They need to notice how the President SUPPORTED the winning Republican instead of holding a grudge and making the whole party suffer for it.

Heck, Roy Moore was so happy with Trump’s endorsement, he went bragging about it on Twitter WHILE it was happening.


The lesson here is that unity is key. We need unity as Republicans and unity as Americans as a whole. If we can learn to work with each other ever again, like Trump did tonight, we can make America the greatest it has EVER been.

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