The Silence Is Broken! Newt Gingrich Makes Shocking Reveal, He Just Said 3 Simple Words That Will End Trump-Russia Investigation For Good

Newt Gingrich has one justifiable reason motivation behind why you shouldn’t put stock in the free Russia investigation. Keep in mind a couple of things – the investigation’s head, Robert Mueller, should be non-partisan. What’s more, in fact, when he was first contracted, everybody applauded him for being quite recently that.

So it’s a little odd that his activities are currently indicating support to Democrats. Which might be the reason Gingrich is stating that his investigation is rigged.

Via MSN:

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, a key ally to President Trump, [said this morning] that the ongoing investigation into the Russian intending of the election, led by Special Adviser Robert Mueller, is a “rigged game” for its lack of pro-Trump attorneys On the case.

While Gingrich said he would not recommend that Mr. Trump should fire Mueller, he questioned the investigation’s impartiality since Mueller has so far hired four Democratic attorneys.

“He apparently could not find a single pro-Trump attorney to hire, and I just think that’s a rigged game, and I think it’s a mistake to pretend this is going to be some neutral investigation,” Gingrich said.

Gingrich is right. Mueller has the ability to enlist his own investigative group. Furthermore, the main individuals he’s employing all originate from the Democrats. Newt knows a rodent when he notices one.

The most exceedingly awful piece of everything is that it’s a change of heart – Gingrich at first had a favorable opinion of Mueller. As did most men and ladies in Congress.


It’s simply subsequent to watching Mueller’s activities that he is starting to have questions.

Asked if he thought the attorneys were “anti-Trump”, Gingrich responded, “Well all four gave money to the Democrats,” and later laughed off a suggestion that they were the best attorneys Mueller could find.

“You’re suggesting that in the whole country there are no Republican attorneys that Mueller could have hired,” he added, “I do not give the benefit of the doubt to someone who could only hire Democrats but claims we should trust him. “

Libs in Congress have your run of the mill reaction – ‘Gingrich is just trying to sow distrust in the investigation, blah, blah, blah.’ But Gingrich has a straightforward approach to gauge transparency, and he explained it:

“Let’s just have transparency. Could we have as many pro-Trump lawyers as we have anti-Trump lawyers? “

Something discloses to me that Mueller wouldn’t accept Gingrich’s recommendation.

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