$ 780 Billion Victory! House GOP Just Passes $ 780B Bill, President Trump Finally Has The Money He Needs To …

President Donald Trump is one bit nearer to following through on a promise he made to the Americans. All through his fruitful campaign, he said he’d stop the interminable flood of unlawful migration that has pushed a once-proud nation to the brink of collapse. He swore he’d do all that he could to secure Americans and recover this country on its feet, and that incorporates things like a travel forbid that prevents terrorists from entering the nation.

Maybe most dubious is the oft-debated southern border wall, which liberals love to loathe and ridicule, while in the meantime offering no arrangement at all for the illicit movement issue.

Indeed, their answer is to overlook it or imagine there is no issue. Yes, ostrich disorder runs widespread among the misleading Left.

Be that as it may, now, the House of Representatives has given Trump and genuine Patriots around the nation a colossal triumph: They’ve passed a $788 billion spending package, which incorporates funding for the military and…

Yes, a border wall amongst Mexico and the United States.

Via Independent Journal Review (citing the Associated Press):

“The legislation passed by a 235-192 vote and is likely to face tough Democratic opposition in the Senate.

In addition to the border wall financing, the spending package contained funding for military pay raise and an increase for veterans programs.

Although the border wall reportedly received low public approval in the polls, the Republicans gave Trump the necessary funding. House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) Suggested Trump got, or would eventually, get as much funding as he requested for the border wall.

‘Every single time the President asked to start building a wall on our southern border, he’s going to get,’ McCarthy said. “

Obviously, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi scrutinized the bill since it skirted a $70 billion spending limit put on the military.

Yes, Nancy, it breaks that utmost yet in the event that we don’t accomplish something NOW to shield ourselves from individuals of your kind, we will transform into parts of Europe… which is going up on fire at the present time.

That ought to be a lesson to us with respect to movement and relocation however once more, liberals would rather stick their hands in the sand and chant “Kumbaya” in light of the fact that they can’t deal with reality.

Obviously, they never could. Which is the reason we’re in this circumstance?

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H/T IJRAssociated Press


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