Moments After ObamaCare Vote, Melania Took The Stage In Ohio And Left The Crowd Speechless

Our country took a huge first step in repealing ObamaCare today, and to follow up in the glorious victory for our country and President Trump took the stage in Ohio where they were already scheduled to hold a rally.

But before President Trump spoke, First Lady Melania took the stage beside her husband and gave a speech that had the entire crowd out of their seats cheering.

Melania talked about the resolve of her husband to fulfill his promises and that he never gives up.

She also said that the age of prosperity and economic growth that defined our country as the land of opportunity is going to return.

And right after she gave her speech, President Trump walked up to her gushing with joy and kissed her.

The crowd couldn’t stop cheering!

Watch the video here:

The First Lady is exactly right that President Trump doesn’t give up on his promises. The economy has been setting record months of unemployment and on the stock market as well as him fighting to secure our borders and get rid of Sanctuary cities.

And now the Senate has passed the ObamaCare repeal taking a major step towards ensuring the future growth of our economy rather than it being crippled by the broken and horrible program.

It’s safe to say Trump is keeping his promises.

H/T The Gateway Pundit


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