International Sex Trafficking Ring Just Erupts! Look Who Smuggled Women and Children From Mexico Into America As Sex Slaves …

Most likely you review the chaos brought on by Mr. Trump proposing amid the campaign that the people entering the U.S. wrongfully from Mexico incorporated a pack of offenders.The left has drawn back in exemplary outrage at such provocative, xenophobic, and racist talk. Obviously, these cries of challenge depended on the presumption that Mr. Trump wasn’t right about the illegals entering the nation.

Eight men have simply confessed to charges of sex trafficking. Note who these men are and where six of them are from. “Jovan Rendon-Reyes, 33, of Mexico; Saul Rendon-Reyes, 39, of Queens; Guillermina Rendon-Reyes, 46, of Mexico; Francisco Rendon-Reyes, 28, of Queens; Jose Rendon-Garcia, 34, of Mexico; Felix Rojas, 47, of Mexico; Odilon Martinez-Rojas, 45, of Mexico; and Severiano Martinez-Rojas, 52, of Mexico. “Score another one for President Trump.

Clearly, there are a large number of Latinos in America who are honest nationals, contributing enormously to our country while getting a charge out of the benefit of being Americans. Yet, it ought to likewise be certain that the individuals who will violate the law to enter the U.S. may to infringe upon some different laws also.

Breitbart reports that “[b] between April 21 and April 5, 2017, all eight defendants pled guilty to, ‘charges of Racketeering involving predicate acts of sex trafficking by force, fraud, or coercion and sex trafficking of minors.’”

If you wish to examine the specifics it gets even worse. “Court records indicate the Rendon-Reyes Trafficking Organization recruited girls from Mexico and illegally smuggled them into the United States. Once in the country, the girls were trafficked into New York and Georgia where the defendants forced them into prostitution as sex slaves. “

It would be a certain something if this were a disengaged case. Grievously, it is an overall issue that is totally repulsive in both its seriousness and pervasiveness. Yesterday is none too soon to assault this detestable practice, and those law authorization officers who captured these eight ruffians merit every one of the honors they get.

It would be fantastic if everyone of those entering our nation were decent, quiet people quite recently covetous of improving a life for themselves and their families in America.

Until human instinct or the actualities on the ground change, forceful policing of our borders is compulsory.

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H/T Breitbart


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