Caught! Maxine Waters Mammoth Money Funneling Scandal Just Erupts, You’ll Be Shocked

Maxine Waters is not one to bashful far from the discussion, nor is she one to utilize carefulness with regards to her everyday business dealings. In California, she has been running an especially compelling crusading system throughout recent years that is going to her daughter, Karen Waters. This procedure is known as a “slate mailer” and enables Waters to gather cash from others running for different California workplaces all together for their names to be set on these handouts that, fundamentally, claim to be supported by Waters herself.

In the meantime, she has figured out how to pay her girl a huge number of dollars since 2006. She additionally has possessed the capacity to enable Kamala Harris to accomplish both the Attorney General’s position in the Golden State and an abandoned Boxer congressperson’s seat.

The Washington Free Beacon:

“Campaign committees for Democratic Sen. Kamala Harris (Calif.) Twice paid tens of thousands to campaign committees for the Democratic Rep. Maxine Waters (Calif.) In exchange for placement on a mailer announcing Waters’ endorsement of Harris, according to Federal Election Commission records.

Harris-who has garnered media attention and earned speculation that she is positioning itself to run for president in 2020 following her performance during recent Senate hearings, including that of the former FBI director James Comey- has kicked $ 63,000 to the campaign of Maxine Waters, the congressional Face of the anti-Trump movement, in exchange for placement on the endorsement mailers.


The payments were made by Harris’s campaign committee and transferred to Waters’s campaign committee through a lucrative ‘slate mailer’ operation run by Waters’ daughter, a program that proved profitable for both her daughter and campaign.

On May 5, 2010, when Harris was a San Francisco district attorney and running for an attorney general in the state, her campaign committee, Kamala Harris For AG 2010, paid Waters’ campaign committee, Citizens for Waters, for $ 20,000 to appear on her slate mailer announcing The endorsement. Harris made three payments totaling $ 33,000 to Waters’s campaign committees throughout the 2010 election cycle. Harris won her election for a lawyer general. “

Purchasing votes and supporters aren’t anything new in the realm of governmental issues. Being so baldfaced about it is, and you get one figure as to which party is permitted to be bold about all that it does.

You may be asking why, with such a lot of going on, Waters would not simply quiet down and keep out of sight for a little time. This is on account of she’s not a Republican.

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H/T The Washington Free Beacon


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