Trump Kills 1 Government Program That Helps Illegals, Instantly Saves Taxpayers Billions

Sarah Saldana would like you to know that Donald Trump has ruined the lives of millions of illegal aliens by enforcing U.S. Immigration Law and deleting yet another “successful” Obama Legacy mission.

And if you’re not listening, she’ll make you listen.

Who is Sarah Saldana?

She WAS one of 21 taxpayer-funded officials who was added to the Department of Homeland Security’s rolls in an effort to soothe illegal communities about “big, bad ICE.”

 Saldana headed a task force that helped illegals combat evil government officials trying to deport them.

Then Trump arrived and opted to 86 the entire illegal-pacification operation and instead transfer all 21 officials to the VOICE program, which deals with Victims Of Immigration Crime Engagement.

That just ticked off Saldana who was sure that Hillary was going to sit upon her throne and declare all illegals pardoned.


According to Foreign Policy:

Saldaña maintains that before Trump’s election ICE was poised to greatly expand the outreach program and ‘remove the curtain’ from immigration enforcement activities.

Community relations officers were being trained to assuage fear in immigrant communities with facts about the agency’s priorities and activities.

Analysts estimate that roughly 11 million illegal aliens are living in the United States.

Roughly 8 million of the illegals hold jobs, which adds up to one job for each of the four million young Americans who turn 18 each year.

The illegals’ inclusion in the nation’s labor pool makes it harder for young Americans to get well-paid jobs, and annually transfers roughly $500 billion from employees to employers, according to George Borjas, a Harvard professor.”

Think of Obama’s Legacy as a sort of reverse bucket list:

For every item that Obama gave away one of his executive order pens, Trump ensures that two more are removed.  By this time next year, Obama’s Legacy will be completely eradicated.

America First!

Source:  Breitbart


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