Trump Gave Speech, Walked Over To This Table And Next Did Something STUNNING

The President had been promoting “Infrastructure Week” through a series of key speaking events detailing his new plan that will update crumbling and outdated American infrastructure. President Trump rounded out his “Infrastructure Week” in the most epic way possible: Throwing giant binders of paperwork for the permitting of a SINGLE PROJECT to the ground. The video is great, check it out here:

BOOM! If that doesn’t tell you that our infrastructure regulations are getting out of hand, I don’t know what will. All of that paperwork was just the environmental impact statement for a single highway in Maryland. Crazy.

President Trump called the mass of papers “nonsense” and added, “These binders also make you do unnecessary things that cost billions and billions of dollars and they actually make it worse.”

President Trump later announced that his administration will be identifying inefficiencies and improving the chain of command between federal, state, and local authorities to streamline the infrastructure updating process. He will also create an online dashboard so project managers can get faster updates about their project approval process.

Rounding out the speech, President Trump made a promise that he will help make America’s aging infrastructure “the envy of the world.” With decades of building and development experience under his belt, I think the President knows what he’s talking about.

That’s my President! The media is trying to avoid reporting on this awesome story- so share this if you support the President’s new plan to Make America Great Again!

The best part is… with this new infrastructure plan, Trump will be able to build that wall soooooooo much faster. Isn’t that awesome?

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