TRUMP CLEARED! Marco Rubio Just Got James Comey to Slip Up & Admit The UNTHINKABLE

James Comey is testifying as we speak before the Senate Intelligence Committee, but what he just admitted proves Trump is innocent.

The media spent weeks building this up because they thought Comey would take Trump down, but Marco Rubio just got James Comey admit something that will close this “investigation.”

First, Rubio got Comey to say the 3 things that Trump asked of him and to admit that NONE of them were criminal.

Then, Rubio pointed at Comey and GRILLED him on the leaks coming out from the FBI that are meant to damage Trump. He asks Comey why the good news, that Trump didn’t commit any crime, didn’t leak. Only the possible bad stuff leaked.WATCH this epic beat down then SHARE on Facebook so we can make it go viral!




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