Right After Seth Meyers Trashed Ivanka, He Got Hit With The Worst News IMAGINABLE

Seth Meyers hosted the Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA) Awards on Monday. Like many leftist entertainers, he could resist pulling out some jokes at the expense of President Trump and his family. And when he did, he got the worst news of his life.

Nobody laughed. It’s incredibly awkward to watch (see the clip at the end of the article), but not a single person in the audience thought his jokes were funny. Here are some of his lame jokes:

“Abercrombie & Fitch has announced it’s putting itself up for sale. Meanwhile, thanks to Donald Trump, the United States has become the Banana Republic,”


“It’s harder than ever to separate fashion from politics. First Lady Melania Trump made headlines recently after she decided not to wear a head cover while visiting Saudi Arabia, which was especially shocking since her husband wears a head covering literally everywhere.”

Ah, a joke about President Trump’s hair. How original.

And finally:

“Big year for fashion designer Ivanka Trump- I’ve heard her clothes are flying off the shelves in Nordstrom.”

A joke about how Nordstrom pulled Ivanka’s clothing line earlier this year, which probably occurred for political reasons. Yawn.

Seth Meyers bombed big time, and nothing is more humiliating for a comedian than failing to entertain an audience.

Hopefully, this is a sign that people are getting tired of the constant inundation of Trump mockery from “comedians” and “entertainers.”

Seth Meyers probably doesn’t want anyone to see his embarrassing night- so share this story 10,000 times! And watch the clip of his lame jokes below!



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