You Won’t Believe What Mike Huckabee Just Said About Kathy Griffin.

Mike Huckabee usually gets to the point. He doesn’t insult people very often. This time he went out of his way…

Kathy Griffin produced an image which depicted the violent decapitation of the President of the United States. People across the United States of all backgrounds quickly condemned her use of violence and gore to advance her own hatred of the President, and apparently “old white guys.”

In the past, Kathy Griffin has directed sexist and racist jokes towards white men. At the beginning of her Press Conference, it became clear that her, so called, “art” was about more than attacking Donald Trump.

In the beginning of her disorganized statement she said:

“…I’ve dealt with older white guys trying to keep me down my whole life…”

Former Governer Mike Huckabee quickly fired back at Kathy Griffin. He said it wasn’t:

…old white men who ruined her career, it was AN OLD WHITE WOMAN. Look in the Mirror to see how she is.


OUCH! It seems Mike Huckabee’s was right to the point. What do you think?

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