Terrorists Will Run Like COWARDS After They Hear What General Mattis Told The Troops Today

If you are like me, you were just waiting to hear what Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis had to say about the tragedy in Manchester last week. Well, the wait is over.

During his commencement speech at West Point today, Mattis made it very clear that there WILL be consequences for their actions.

He told the new officers,

“Manchester’s tragic loss underscores the purpose of your years of study and training at this elite school. We must never permit murderers to define our time or warp our sense of normal. This is not normal.”

Not just that. He also made it VERY clear that the days of America standing on the sidelines is over. The cadets all cheered when General Mattis said,

“We Americans are NOT made of Cotton Candy.”

So far we have seen the US military perform raids, air strikes, and even drop the Mother of All Bombs with Mad Dog Mattis in charge. I bet whatever he has planned ISIS will never forget.

If you wanna see Mattis keep up the great work he has been doing for AT LEAST 7 and a half more years shows him by getting his message out. America will win.

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