Right After Trump Learned Leakers’ Names, He Called White House And Unleashed Hell

Trump just won big again! It is now being confirmed that President Donald Trump has identified at least three White House staff members as leakers. Thank God.

Well, don’t you worry. It has now become widely known that the SECOND the President lands…

…Trump is gonna FIRE all 3 and have the authorities handle them.

The story was first reported by Trey Yingst of OANN who Tweeted,


Since then, other major outlets have received the same scoop, including CBS, who added that President Trump has already reported the leaders to authorities.

Of course, these traitors to our country deserve a lot more than a simple firing. They put us a risk, spread classified intelligence, and almost cost us our Relationship with England this week after one of them leaked top-secret intelligence to the NY Times less than an HOUR after receiving it.

It is thought that the leakers are all Obama-holdovers who want to sabotage Trump, however, we will know the truth soon enough. Maybe now Trump can FINALLY get some work done without being harassed. That would be a real miracle.

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