It’s disastrous when individuals manhandle the benefits stretched out to them by taking part in criminal activities. Truth be told, it is more than heartbreaking, it’s a shock and calls for simply the kind of forceful indictment and discipline that we’ve quite recently seen.

The food stamp program has been filled with fraud. What started as a push to battle yearning and ailing health among the poor has transformed into an open door for criminals to drain the system and change over a social administration Advantage program into an individual advancement conspire.

Mohammed Shafiq, who lives in Baltimore, simply had his program of food stamp fraud conveyed to an end with a conviction and a sentence of four years in jail taken after by three years of post-jail supervision. Likewise, he was requested to make payment in the measure of $3.7 million.

“Shafiq was the latest defendant to be sentenced in a series of prosecutions of 14 retailers in the Baltimore area.

“A federal grand jury indicted the retailers in August 2016 for food stamp and wire fraud.

“The 14 retailers stole a total of $ 16 million from the U.S. Department of Agriculture by illegally exchanging food stamps for cash, according to the indictment.”

What these individuals are doing here is trading food stamp benefits for money, a wrongdoing. The law is that food stamp advantages are to be utilized just by the individual to whom they were issued and just to buy sustenance from a rundown of affirmed items. Pitching them to another person for money to be utilized for whatever different reasons for existing, is illicit.

“Multiple stores across the country have been cited for millions of dollars in food stamp fraud.

“Investigators found more than $ 20 million worth of food stamp fraud at retailers in Florida, and 140 stores in Chicago were cited for food stamp fraud.”

This can be a major business as the individuals who encourage these illegal transactions to take a cut of the returns as far as it matters for them in the wrongdoing. Also, it doesn’t take excessively creative ability to consider what the food stamp beneficiary who now has money rather than food stamp advantages may utilize that money for.

The buy of medications and additionally liquor to nourish an option rung a bell.

This is another case of a central government program that may have been set up with great expectations turned sour. In the event that the administration will keep on attempting to give some assistance to poor people, this is a program that needs both an intensive survey and in addition a greater amount of the forceful indictment as we have recently observed here.

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H/T Breitbart


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