Dazzling! Melania Stepped Beside Trump And SUDDENLY Everyone Was Blinded By What She Did

Donald Trump arrived at Sicily’s Sigonella Air Force Base on Thursday on the evening of the G7 summit. Wait till you see what Melania wore.

The First Lady got rid of her $51,500 coat from this morning and stepped out into glittering, sparkly $945 shoes and a wonderful dress.


The piece is a one of a kind dress, but the guesses via Daily Mail say the dress easily runs over $40,000. Don’t you just love Melania?!

The liberal media hates her because she’s is so classy. Let’s send her some positive energy.

Share this if you love Melania Trump and want her to know that we the people of America care about her!

Let’s make her proud to be our first lady!

God Bless America,

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