So we have another Russian trail.

What’s more, it’s not President Trump! It is really somebody you presumably wouldn’t have ever suspected!

To be sure, the media are so captivated by the raging leftist from California, named Maxine Waters, that they’ve completely overlooked the Russian ties she herself hosts through the Worker’s World Party, an aggressor left-wing bunch that feels for all intents and purposes the majority of America’s adversaries.

As reported by The Blaze:

[F] or all of Waters’ finger pointing at Republicans and the Trump administration for having connections to Russia, Waters has some quiet ties of her own. This comes in the form of her relationship with the pro-Russian, anti-American communist group known as the Workers World Party.

The Workers World Party is reportedly a militant left-wing group that sympathizes with many enemies of the U.S., including North Korea, Iran, and Cuba. It also supports Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and is a fan of Russia’s President Vladimir Putin.

The Workers World Party’s stances are often carried by Russia’s state news organization, Russia Today.

Via Heat Street:

The opinions of the Workers World Party and its sister groups are often broadcast by RT (formerly Russia Today), a Kremlin propaganda arm. For instance, Richard Becker of a group named ANSWER (Act Now to End War And Racism), an organization started by the Workers World Party, once said on RT air that “Russia is not threat to the US, but to its domination”.

Heat Street has identified at least three instances in which Waters directly or indirectly participated in the Workers World Party’s activities. Back in 2004, the congresswoman participated in a rally organized by the International Action Center, an offshoot organization of the Workers World Party that opposes any use of military force by the United States. The event’s leaflet inviting people to attend the rally lists Rep. Waters as the top guest.

In 2005, Rep. Waters sent her aide April Lawrence to the party’s “Peace Conference” where Lawrence addressed the participants on the topic of social justice.

More recently, in 2009, the Congresswoman was a speaker at an event organized by the Michigan Coalition for Human Rights, a group whose board of members includes Abayomi Azikiwe, an organizer for the Workers World Party. Azikiwe also chaired the event.

Waters is a tried and true Communist through and through:

In 2009, Waters told the CEO of Shell Oil John Hofmeister that she wanted the government to take over and run their companies. Waters told Hofmeister that she wanted to “socialize” before catching herself, and taking a moment to rethink her statement before saying “basically taking over, and the government running all of your companies.”

Watch the video of Water’s incriminating statement below:

That Waters is a hypocritical leftist has been demonstrated here without question, and her posing to have Trump reprimanded just makes her an unhinged hyper-two-timer who should be expelled from office!

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