Trump Landed In Belgium And Instantly This Happened, That Has The World Cheering!

President Trump is now visiting Belgium in his whirlwind first trip abroad.  Brussels Belgium is where the headquarters is for NATO  or the North Atlantic Treaty Organization.

It’s also a place that President Trump once called a “hellhole” due to its failure to prevent terrorist attacks.  It has also been a breeding ground for terrorists.

But our President is there now, and doing what he does best: leading!  Belgian Prime Minister Charles Michel said that his talks with President Trump have focused mostly on fighting terrorism.

He also described his conversations with President Trump as “cordial, respectful and very direct.”  Very direct.  That’s our President!  He doesn’t mince words, or dance around with political correctness, like some former Presidents (ummm…Obama) did!

No.  Trump gets straight to the point.  We need leadership in the fight against the kind of terror that happened in Manchester this week.  And leadership is what we have in President Trump!

So what is NATO going to do?  According to the Wall Street Journal, “NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg said the alliance will create a new group within the new intelligence division solely focused on the threats posed by foreign fighters and improve intelligence-sharing and coordination. It will also expand the role of its Awacs surveillance planes to help coordinate flights over Turkey and will provide more air-to-air refueling.”

Trump is working hard for us, bringing skilled leadership to the table, and scrapping political correctness.  All in his efforts to Make America Great Again.  I, for one, am so proud!

If you are proud too, please show it by sharing this everywhere, so everyone knows what our President is really doing, not what the media would have you believe.

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