EVERYONE FREAKED When They Saw What Trump Did Right After Shoving World Leader At NATO Today

Today was Donald Trump’s first-ever NATO meeting, and he CRUSHED it. Trust me when I say the world will NEVER forget what happened today.

Sure, his epic speech demand the members finally pay their fair share. It was what he did right before the NATO photo that REALLY put America first.

The President of the US walked up behind the PM of Montenegro, who was at the center of the photo, and shoved him out of the way!

Wow! Did you see the look on all of their faces? They could not believe what just happened.

To make it even better, moments later one of the other leaders just begins talking to Trump like nothing happened and the Montenegro PM slinks away with a stupefied smile.

There is no doubt that America is First with Donald Trump in charge. I wonder what the Mainstream Media is gonna say about this when they catch up. Probably some crazy BS about how we shouldn’t be tough and in charge.

Either way, this is the funniest thing Y’all are gonna see all day. Send it to all your family and friends and make their days better too.

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