Obama’s Secretary Of Defense Just Gave Trump The Best News Ever…Obama Is RUINED!

You know Donald Trump is doing something right when Barack Obama’s own Secretary of Defense, Robert Gates, admits that Trump is better than his old boss.

It turns out that Gates has been VERY impressed with the President’s 1 trip abroad.

After watching President Trump’s speech in Saudi Arabia about fighting terror, Gates declared with full confidence:

“It clearly set us on a different, and in my view better path, than President Obama’s Cairo speech.”

See what I mean? This is not simply a compliment on a speech. He was saying that Trump’s plan to fight extremists is a MASSIVE improvement over Obama’s plan.

Not to say it’s hard to beat Obama’s extremist “fighting.” Invisible red lines and the ability to ignore ISIS speak for themselves.

But hey, what am I telling you for? I can just show you the two speeches and you can decide for yourself.

Obama’s Cairo speech 2009:

Trump’s Speech in Saudi Arabia 2017:

Like I said before, no contest.

You have one where an ex-President is bragging about his knowledge and love of Islam in America. Then you have Trump where he is talking about REAL issues and solutions to fighting terrorism and uniting the Middle East including Israel in peace.

There are not a lot of times where I am gonna agree with Robert Gates. The Defense Department back in the Obama era was gutted and left for dead.

However, Gates is right about Donald Trump and thanks to his words, Obama’s legacy is ruined.

Help spread the good word by sharing this with your family and friends. Who do you think gave a better speech?

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