CHECKMATE: Trump Just Activated New Secret Weapon That Will Send Terrorists Running For The Hills

Today President Trump shattered expectations again when he managed to secure the most impressive extremism fighting weapon the world has ever seen.

Everyone was curious to see what the big announcement Trump and the Arab leaders were making. It was even stranger when they were led into a room with a glowing orb of the world in the center.

When President Donald Trump, President al-Sisi, and King Salman touched the orb, a giant screen turned on and a new era in terror fighting began…

They officially had activated the brand new World Center for Countering Extremist Thought.

This was a historic move for certain. The opening of the center marked the first ever truly joint effort in the Middle East to stop terrorism.

As you can see, our President is making huge strides to combat radical Islam despite the media’s relentless attacks.

Now he travels to Israel to try and negotiate the most elusive deal of all: Peace between Israel and Palestine.

Can he do it? Who knows. However, if anyone has a chance of bringing peace to that region, it is President Trump.

The media paints a bad image of a great President. Help set them straight and share this with your friends and family. Everyone should see what Trump just did for the entire world.

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