Tom Perez Has Gone CRAZY! What He Just Said About Trump Should Get Him THROWN OUT

Donald Trump may be going through Hell in the media right now, but the Democrat Party is literally falling apart at the seams.

The weakest link now seems to be newly-elected chairman Tom Perez. You see, Old Tom has a problem with saying really inappropriate things and not listening to his people well. Just look what he did last night…

Perez said Donald Trump is the most dangerous President in American history.

Tom Perez was speaking to the California DNC when he told the crowd,

“Here’s one big thing we agree on. Donald Trump is an anathema to our values. Donald Trump is the most dangerous president in American history…Donald Trump has to go. And that is why we must work together as Democrats.”

Of course, what is really interesting is what was going on at the same convention while Perez was speaking. It turns out a bunch of the Democrats are already unhappy with his leadership.

The vocal majority told Perez very clearly that he should focus less on Donald Trump and more on their liberal agenda. They were not too satisfied with his current direction according to reports.


Democrats need to back off of Trump and get their own house in order. This is absolute insanity what is going on now. It’s like the DNC is just a contest to see who can say the craziest thing about Trump to the news. It’s just sad.

Help to get this shared out so we can take down the crooked DNC. They don’t wanna listen to their own base? Fine. Let’s make them hear us, the American People, and tell them we want them gone for good!

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