THUNDERSTRUCK: What Nancy Pelosi Just Leaked On TV Will Have Trump Grinning Like A Goat


For months since the election, the only topic that the mainstream media can seem to talk about is President Trump. They keep on trying to say that Trump stole the election and is working with Russia.

The Democrats think that it is time for impeachment. Watch what Nancy Pelosi try and walk back the impeachment talk.


Here is why the Democrats are backing down.

The three biggest left-leaning publications have now backed off their stories that were calling for impeachment, says the Gateway Pundit.

  1. The New York Times is reporting that “Democratic Leaders Try to Slow Calls to Impeach Trump“.
  2. CNBC reports “Chances of Trump impeachment are low, says Nomura“.
  3. The Washington Post reports “Considering Impeachment? Slow Down

The Democrat play to take down Trump with impeachment is backfiring. Americans are waking up and are figuring out their lives.

Share this right now if and let’s take down the Democratic party and their media goons.

In the future, our children will ask us who the Democrats are and we will just shake our head and say: “a gang crooks.

It’s time to drain the swamp.

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