The liberal has been desperate to destroy Trump ever since he took office. However, MSNBC recently took things way too far when they called for ISIS to attack Trump Tower.

This man really should be fired…

In one of the most disgusting rants we’ve seen yet, MSNBC counterterrorism analyst Malcolm Nance just called for ISIS to blow up Trump Tower. At least, that’s how the tweet was interpreted by many angry patriots throughout the country.

Nance tweeted a photo of the Trump Tower in Istanbul, with the caption, “This is my nominee for first ISIS suicide bombing of a Trump property.”

“Trump Tower Istanbul,” he continued. “After seeing Trump’s congrats to Erdogan for winning his RIGGED election I’m worried our FP [foreign policy] is directed by the property.”

Even some fans of Nance warned that he had taken things too far.

“Be careful. It sounds like you’re encouraging it. They’ll jump all over that,” one Twitter user wrote.

Not surprisingly, Nance quickly deleted the post. But the damage was already done as far as we’re concerned.

This is just more evidence that MSNBC has it out for President Trump. Nance’s commentary is careless and dangerous—and it needs to stop.

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