Ivanka Landed In Saudi Arabia & Instantly Everyone Noticed The SPECTACULAR Thing On Her

The Trump Family always sticks together!  And it’s no different now that Trump is President of the United States.

President Trump is now in Saudi Arabia, with his beautiful wife Melania.  He is also accompanied by his lovely daughter, Ivanka, and her husband, Jared Kushner

Ivanka, considered a style icon, donned a calf-length black, white and maroon floral dress.  That’s right, you’ll, Ivanka showed some leg!  Just a tad, though.  She’s always appropriately styled.


Muna Abu Sulayman, a Saudi television host known as the “Oprah of the Middle East” even said “[t]hey think she looks sexy.”

Ivanka is a strong, successful woman and has much to be admired.  The media recently tried to slam her, too, after the release of her book Women Who Work.   But they only hate her because of who her father is and what he has accomplished, which they also hate.


I’m currently reading that book and, as a woman who works myself, I am thoroughly enjoying and getting a lot out of it!  The MSM is to be ignored!

If you love Ivanka, too, and her bold, beautiful style, let’s get this shared so much she sees it all the way in Saudi Arabia!  Comment, too, with “We love you, Ivanka!”

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