IT’S A MASSACRE: Joe Biden Just Walked On Stage And SLAUGHTERED Hillary Clinton In Front Of Everyone

Hillary Clinton had been making a lot of moves the last few weeks that looked like she was gonna run again. She has done many public appearances and even opened a new fundraising PAC. Those dreams just ended.

Joe Biden decided to do the dirty work himself and massacre Clinton’s political career one final time. He told the audience of top investors and political funders,

“I never thought she (Hillary Clinton) was a great candidate.”

It’s one thing when a Republican says they don’t like Hillary, but when it’s coming from her old boss and a lifelong Democrat, you know this is curtains for her.

Sadly, it was not all good news from the Biden speech. He also used the opportunity to mention his own interest in running for President against Donald Trump in 2020, although he made no commitment and even suggested he probably won’t run regardless.

I say we take the good with the bad here because it is so incredibly sweet. This marks the day that top Democrats have finally turned on the Hillary Clinton dynasty and sealed her fate.

Let’s get this shared out to all our family and friends for 2 important reasons:

  1. Celebrate the end of the Clintons
  2. Remind all the Conservatives out there how important it is that we vote in 2018 and 2020

Will you join?

Thank You for Readin Us,

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