TRUMP WINS BIG: Democrats Missed Something HUGE About Special Prosecutor Mueller That Trump Loves

Democrats have been bragging about how they “won big” when Rod Rosenstein appointed special prosecutor Robert Mueller to the Russia-election case.

They have been acting like they “beat Trump” even though their claims are BS. Some of the more dishonest press were even saying the White House should “panic” because Mueller is so thorough. One thing they forgot, though…

Robert Mueller is a lifelong Republican AND a Marine!

That is a great thing for President Trump since he has extremely close ties to the military and the Marines specifically.

Oh, and let’s also not forget that there has still been ZERO evidence presented to this day that Donald Trump colluded with Russia at all. The burden of evidence is on the accuser, not the accused.

So, before the Democrats go celebrating their “big victory” just yet, I think it’s important we help them get all the facts straight. What they are really doing is trying to rile up their base before the 2018 elections for Congress.

We cannot let them take the House or Senate back. That’s why we gotta share this out all over the place and get every Republican out there to the polls. 2016 was just the beginning.

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