IT’S A TRAP! Top Gov’t Insider Just Leaked Something HORRIBLE Comey Did To Sabotage Trump

This is really bad. Former DOJ’s Director of the Office of Public Affairs Matthew Miller has stepped forward to say that he believes James Comey is back with a vengeance and his target is President Donald Trump.

According to Matthew Miller, James Comey may have been trying to trick Trump into obstruction-of-justice since the very beginning.

For instance, he said that if Trump really did ask Comey about Flynn at dinner, then Comey could easily have warned Trump his language was inappropriate.

Instead of doing that, Miller told the WaPo,

“But if you’re trying to build an obstruction-of-justice case, you might want the president to keep talking, because everything he does is digging a deeper legal hole for himself.”

Then Comey allegedly wrote down what happened at dinner right afterward? That seems VERY suspicious.

Also, Miller suggested that Comey’s history with Hillary Clinton’s case also proves this is possibly another one of his cookie schemes.

“You just look at his [Comey’s] actions in the [Hillary] Clinton case, where he made himself the central player when there was no reason for him to be the central player. That aside, his entire history shows that he likes to be at the center of attention.”

Oh, plus there was Miller’s ominous Tweet earlier about James Comey seeking his “revenge” of President Trump.


So, decide for yourself. All the facts Mr. Miller pointed to seem to suggest entrapment on the part of James Comey if true. We gotta make this seen worldwide before it’s too late.


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