This Morning Vladimir Putin Sent Trump A Secret Gift That’ll Leave Journalists SHIVERING

Putin says that he has a transcript that will prove that Trump did not pass Russia any secrets. He says that “stupid” US politicians are trying to undermine the President of the United States.

He said that Moscow found the debates around Russia and Trump colluding as “funny,” but that now Moscow is getting “concerned.” Here is the video below of exactly what Vladimir Putin said last night.


He was speaking at a joint news conference with Italian prime minister and said that he had “no other explanation” as to why Trump came under attack. He said that his opponents had “political schizophrenia.”

Putin said that he will share the talks between Trump and Lavrov with Congress if the White House approved.

Putin then joked that he would need to punish Lavrov for not sharing such “secrets with us.”


This is not good. Vladimir Putin is making fun of our politicians for how terrible they are being to Trump. This Russian witch hunt is embarrassing.

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