Trump Just Walked On Stage And Made A Promise To Police That Will Make America Cry Tears Of Joy

Donald Trump gave his word to America that he would be a law-and-order President. Now he is backing that up with a whole commitment to Police Officers. This is what we needed.

The President was speaking to a crowd in DC during the National Peace Officers Memorial Service honoring our fallen officers. It was that moment President Trump looked out at the crowd and, with a voice booming with confidence, promised to all our cops:

“We will protect you.”

Wow! Thank God this President actually cares about cops. If only Obama had been willing to offer those words and actions, maybe we wouldn’t be in the mess we are in right now.

Trump wooed the crowd of cops when he said,

“Our police have been subject to unfair defamation and vilification and — really, you see what’s going on — even worse, hostility and violence.”

“You are entitled to leadership at the highest level that will draw a bright line in the sand, not a red line in the sand that isn’t gone over, but a bright line in the sand, and we will protect you.”

Amen. This is something any sensible person could agree with. Our cops are being abused and are scared to do their duty.


Sure, there are bad cops that ned to be dealt with. However, most police officers are good men and women looking to serve their community. This discrimination must end.

So help Donald Trump stand up for cops around the nation. The best things you can do are share this out and, if you see people talking down on cops, speak up. We the People have the power to change the world.

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H/T Liberty Writers


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