Oh My God: Donald Trump Just Got Israel And Palestine To Agree On The Impossible!

Donald Trump has done a heck of a lot as President. Nobody can deny that. Now, the President has set his sights on the biggest international deal ever made: Peace in the Middle East.

That’s right. According to a report by the Jerusalem Post,

President Trump has gotten the leader Palestine to agree to meet with the leader of Israel in person.

According to the JP Post, Mahmoud Abbas made it very clear to Donald Trump during their meeting at the White House that he was ready to negotiate peace in person with Benjamin Netanyahu.

Oh, and of course they BOTH want Trump in on the negotiations. After all, he is the world’s greatest negotiator.

Not only that, but President Abbas personally released a statement about his desire to negotiate with Israel and even declared Palestine was willing to cut new “land deals” to achieve lasting peace.

One of the biggest points of contention between Israel and Palestine has long been the West Bank settlements. With the President of Palestine openly offering to back off, we may have a real path to peace now.

This is all thanks to President Donald Trump. His negotiations style and long-standing relationship with Israel’s Netanyahu made this all possible. Help get this shared to everyone you have ever loved and let them know this amazing news.

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