If This Whistleblower Is Right, Trump Is Gonna Have Exactly What He Needs To Take Down Obama

Whistleblower Says That The Evidence He Gave Trump That’ll Have Obama Shivering This Saturday

As was reported by the Gateway Pundit, a massive amount of data was found on 47 hard drives from an alleged government whistleblower turned over to Freedom Watch recently.

If you remember, Evelyn Farkas admitted to spying on Trump on TV.


This information shows that Obama spied on everyone says the Conservative Treehouse. Freedom Watch notified congress that a “Deep State” intelligence community whistleblower named Dennis Montgomery that has millions of documents that show the CIA and the FBI spying on American citizens for political purposes.

As previously reported by Big League Politics, Timothy Blixseth, revealed that he saw records via Dennis Montgomery that show that Obama’s CIA Director John Brennan spied on the phone calls of Donald Trump and other American citizens.

This needs to get out right now. The nation needs to know. Obama is gonna become the new Nixon.

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Thanks, patriots.


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