The White House Will Never Be The Same, After Trump Just Turned This To GOLD!

They don’t take the same elevator.  Ever.  When the President takes the elevator to go upstairs at the White House, VP Pence takes the stairs.

Just like they never fly on the same plane.  All for the sake of the country.

TIME  went to the White House to see how President Trump has made it his own.  Of course, just like President Trump, he’s made it very uniquely his own.  Right down to the HUGE flat screen TV over the fireplace.  And the grand crystal chandelier he purchased with his own money.  And, what’s so very Trump…


He took down Obama’s red curtains in the Oval Office, and replaced them with his signature GOLD!

Gold frames highlight classic oil paintings, replacing most of Obama’s preferred modern art.

Obama didn’t want a lot of people around when he worked.  Not much of a “people person,” from the way he acted while he was President.

Not so, Trump!  Trump likes to operate in a crowd.  He’s a “people person” in every sense of the word.  It’s how he’s been able to make his deals, negotiate, LEAD!

Also unlike Obama, who rarely allowed anyone into the private quarters of the White House, President Trump is so much more open.  He invites his staff up for meetings and has old friends over for dinner.

While his wife and youngest child haven’t yet moved in, President Trump has kept very busily doing what he does best:  WORKING!

While the media tries very very hard to tear him down, President Trump has been busy, working hard for our country!  I love that about him!  If you do, too, please SHARE this out to the world, until he sees it himself!

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