Moments Ago Trump Threatened James Comey! Look What Trump Will Leak About Him…

President Donald Trump said on Friday that he may have recorded a conversation with James Comey. This is massive.

In a tweet, Trump said that he would leak conversations between him and Comey “to the press.”


Trump is gonna drain the swamp. Trump said on NBC recently that he was looking for an excuse to fire Comey. You can see exactly what he said about him below.



The White House has said that Rod Rosenstein suggested Comey’s firing and that Trump act on it. The reason Trump fired him was because of the terrible job Comey did at investigating former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.


Trump is about to drop the hammer. Are you ready? You can feel it in the air. All these crooked swamp monsters better beware. Please share this if you will support Trump in 2020, patriots!

Let’s send a message right to the heart of the swamp. The American people are tired of your lies.

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