Damning Footage Comes Back To Haunt Hillary Clinton After She SLAMS Trump For Comey Firing…

Earlier this week, Donald Trump fired FBI Director James Comey after he repeatedly displayed incompetence at his job. Though Democrats had been calling for Comey to be fired for months, they immediately flipped when Trump actually did it and started whining about how “unfair” his decision was.

What happened this week reignited Democrats’ complaints about Trump firing U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara a few months ago, when Attorney General Jeff Sessions requested the resignations of Obama holdovers in the Department of Justice.

Hillary Clinton and her supporters slammed Trump for doing this, but then a piece of video from the 1990s resurfaced showing what the president did was not unusual at all.

Back in 1993, President Bill Clinton directed his Attorney General Janet Reno to fire all 93 U.S. Attorneys in one day. Clinton and Reno could not contain their giddy excitement as they fired all of George H.W. Bush’s U.S. Attorneys.

On that day, Reno sent the following letter to Sessions, who was then a U.S. Attorney:



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