David Clarke invited to the Whitehouse, is on the “short list” of candidates to replace James Comey.

US Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein and Attorney General Jeff Session sent a memo to President Trump. The title of that memo was “RESTORING PUBLIC CONFIDENCE IN THE FBI.” It also contained the recommendation to sack James Comey.

James Comey – Presidential Politics

A letter was then sent to Mr. Comey advising him of his termination. The timing of these events has left some to wonder if there were issues with his recent statements to Congress. While Democrats and the Mainstream Media are quick to speculate saying that Trump dismissed Comey because of active FBI Investigations into the Trump associates.

Hillary Clinton blamed James Comey for her loss. The Mainstream Media chided James Comey for his announcement related to the Hillary Clinton Email Scandal, during the election. James Comey found himself at the center of a fight for the Office of the President. Some Democrats even called for him to be fired by Obama, during the election.

Democrats are criticizing Trump’s decision to fire Comey. President Trump fired back at his critics with a few Tweets.


David Clarke

Sheriff David Clark has been a very public and avid supporter of Trump. More importantly, he supports most of Trump’s agenda. His stance on Illegal Immigration and Law Enforcement is in lockstep with President Donald Trump.

Media Spin – FBI Director serves the President

The Democrats seem to know David Clarke is a serious contender for the FBI Director job. Democratic news outlets have already begun to talk about what they believe the FBI Director should be. There have been at least nine news articles that mislead the public and demand that the FBI Director is “Independent.”

Democrats know this is not required. The FBI Director is part of the Executive Branch and he or she will serve at the will and pleasure of the President of the United States. Demanding someone who is “independent” is unconstitutional according to legal experts.

We have been told by a source close to Sheriff David Clarke that the Whitehouse has invited Clarke to discuss the possibility of working in the Administration. The source tells us:

“He [David Clarke] has been invited to the Whitehouse, and was told he is on the ‘short list’ of possible candidates…”

Sherrif Clarke has many years of experience in Law Enforcement. His critics are quick to point out that he has no experience as an investigator. His supporters say as a Sheriff he knows how to manage Investigators, a large budget, and the politics of law enforcement.

Speculation about Clinton – Clarke

We were told that Mr. Clarke has not decided if he will accept the invitation. Hillary Clinton may have reason to be concerned by Clarke’s potential role in the FBI. There have been several claims made online accusing him making a comment about Hillary Clinton. Here is an example of one of those claims:

A Political Fight Ahead

Many Trump supporters online support the idea of Sheriff Clarke as the FBI Director, while the Left and Mainstream Media are doing everything they can to make sure it doesn’t happen. In the end, the decision is not up to any of us in the Media.

The decision will be up to President Donald Trump, David Clarke, and the United States Senate. Former Director James Comey’s career ended abruptly because of “public confidence.” It remains to be seen if David Clarke, President Trump, and United States Senate believe Clarke would be able to restore public confidence in the FBI.

If Sheriff David Clarke were named the FBI Director he would join the ranks of men like James Wormley Jones. Mr. Jones was the First African American FBI Special Agent. David Clarke would be the first African-American FBI Director, reaching the highest Law Enforcement role in the country. He would be the very first African-American TOP COP!

What do you think?

Do you think Sheriff Clarke should accept the invitation to visit the Whitehouse?

Do you think Trump should offer him the job?

Do you think he should take the job if the offer is made?

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