BREAKING: Trump Just Did These Ten Things That Will Change The Course Of Our Great Country!

Now that he’s made his mark on the Supreme Court of the United States, President Trump is making his mark on the lower Federal courts.

President Trump has just nominated 10 judges, that include one of the late Justice Scalia’s former law clerks, state supreme court justices, law professors and corporate lawyers.  And there’s still about 120 to go!

And guess what?  The liberals hate his nominees!  Then I say, they must be well qualified and great!

Conservative sources say that President Trump’s nominees show his commitment to a Federal court with judges that will interpret the Constitution and laws based on the plain meaning of the words they contain.  And, that’s how they are supposed to do it!

Libs say his picks show that he just wants to shift our laws in favor of corporations and the wealthy, at the expense of regular people.  More whining!  But if that’s what happens when the courts interpret laws based on their plain language, then that’s what the law was intended to do.

Judges are supposed to interpret our laws.  That’s it! And that’s what Trump’s conservative nominees are expected to do.  They aren’t supposed to use our laws to further their own agendas.  I guess that’s what liberals would want their judges to do!

Well, too bad!  Thank goodness we have a conservative in the White House, who is making changes that will make our country run the way it’s supposed to.  I’m so proud of him!

If you are, too, let’s SHARE this so it gets back to him. That way, he’ll keep appointing more of the same kind of judges!

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