It’s Happening! Trey Gowdy Just Made Obama Gulp With This 1 Sentence Announcement

He only needed 5 words to send a chill down the spine of Susan Rice. Trey Gowdy is not going to back down and is going to make them Obama pay for all the corruption in his administration.

*** This is why Trey Gowdy rocks!

Obama’s National Security Advisor Susan Rice refused to testify before Congress and was not worried when he said: “There are things called subpoenas.”

Trey Gowdy appeared on Fox News recently and had asked for Susan Rice to appear before Congress to testify to the supposed Russian interference in the election.

The unmasking was totally illegal and should bring into question the massive spying that has been going on in our government. Susan Rice and her pal Obama used the intelligence community against the American people.

Please,  get this everywhere! It’s time to bring this criminal in and if we get this out there… maybe, just maybe…. We will be able to bring Obama down.


H/T Liberty Writers


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