Breaking: Fox News Just The Hired Most Disgusting Liberal Ever, How Could They Do This?

21 st Century Fox CEO James Murdoch, son of Rupert Murdoch, has come under fire for allegations that he is trying to push Fox News in a more liberal direction because the heir reportedly feels “embarrassed” by its conservative content in front of his wealthy liberal friends.

The younger Murdoch created waves by firing his network’s all-time most popular and successful host Bill O’Reilly, and now Murdoch has decided to tip the balance at Fox News further toward the left by hiring an unabashed liberal.

Fox News announced that they have just finished their contract with Democratic strategist Jessica Tarlov, who has made previous appearances on the network. Said a Fox News statement, “In this role, effective immediately, she will offer political analysis and insight across FNC and Fox Business Network’s daytime and prime-time programming.”

33-year -old Tarlov is an unabashed leftist and just gloated about how she was going to make Fox News more liberal, saying, “I’m thrilled to join Fox News as a contributor. Over the last two years on Fox and Fox Business, I’ve gotten the opportunity to give voice to the liberal way of life and feel it’s more important than ever to continue this valuable bipartisan dialogue.”

She also tweeted, taunting Fox News viewers, “It’s official! @foxnews contributor fun to ensue. Apologies in advance as you’ll still hate my voice!” The only person at Fox News who appears to be excited about Tarlov’s hire is fellow liberal Juan Williams, who said, “I still think Fox is the one place on the cable dial for sure where that kind of freewheeling debate takes place.” Why is Fox News hiring Democrats like this? Watch a clip of Tarlov below:



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