SUPREME COURT WONDER: Gorsuch Just Did The Incredible, You’ll Be So Happy Trump Picked Him!

President Trump nominated Neil Gorsuch for the empty Supreme Court seat that was left when Justice  Scalia passed.  And Trump’s nomination rather easily passed muster, with Gorsuch being sworn in less than one month ago.

And he’s already proving that he’s the perfect person for the job!

He’s showing that he’s an independent thinker, not one to follow the pack, even though he’s the newest member of the Court.  He just showed this by declining to join a labor “pool” at the Supreme Court, that takes a lot of work off the Justices, and will put a lot more work on him.

Here is the amazing moment that he was nominated:

The purpose of the pool is to let the Justices share their clerks, allowing the clerks to read the petitions to be heard at the SCOTUS and to make decisions about which will be heard.

Only one other Justice has opted out of the pool, Justice Alito.  It makes for more work for a Justice who opts out, and for their own personal clerks.  And this shows that, like Trump, Gorsuch is not afraid of a little hard work!

As an attorney, I know the importance of not having Supreme Court Justices that shirk hard work!

The clerks in the pool are all very smart and academically accomplished.  But they lack life experience, where our most important lessons are taught.  Justice Gorsuch recognizes this and is already proving that he will not just follow the crowd or take the easy road.

just another smart move by our President!  Please share this with everyone you know, and help smear the media, that just wants to smear our Trump!

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