He Did It: Trump Just Scored A Last Minute Win In Congress That Will Make America Cheer

President Donald Trump always said the thing he is the best at is making deals. Well, late Friday night he made a backdoor deal with Congress that is pretty impressive.

After weeks of Democrats threatening to stop all of Trump’s proposals by shutting down the government, the President did the impossible.

He got a last minute budget bill passed with a huge increase in Military Spending.

That’s right. On Friday night Congress agreed to a bipartisan bill that will:

  • Keep the government funded until November
  • Increase military funding by $15 billion
  • Increase border funding by $1.5 billionSadly, he was not able to seal the deal on the wall or defund Planned Parenthood this time around. However, it’s only been 3 months of 4 to 8 years, so President Trump has time.

    Also, the $15 billion increase in military spending fell well short of his requested $35 billion. While the Democrats may think that’s a win, it’s really just the art of the deal.

    So, in the last minute of his 99th day, President Donald Trump managed to do what the media outlets said he never could: He got the Democrats and Republicans to work together.

    Sure, it may not be perfect, but neither is life. Still, it’s a pretty big win no matter how you slice it. That’s why it’s our duty to share this out and let the world see what Trump is REALLY doing.


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