Sean Hannity Makes Horrifying Statement About Fox News

Can there be any doubt that the Murdoch boys are malicious schemers trying to weaken, if not silence, the conservative voice of Fox News?

CEO Roger Ailes outed by a sexual harassment suit, Bill O’Reilly outed by an unsubstantiated sexual harassment suit that is light on the sexual harassment, Sean Hannity targeted by flimsy sexual harassment claim that was then retracted and now, according to Variety, co-president Bill Shine is supposedly being forced to quit following a claim of racial discrimination.


This is a pogrom fueled by lies and a blatant disregard for the reputation of individuals targeted for elimination.

Host Sean Hannity is unwavering in his defense of Shine, who got his job thanks to Hannity’s recommendation. In fact, Hannity is not only defending Shine but is suggesting he knows who is behind the coup.

In a tweet, Hannity states, “Somebody HIGH UP AND INSIDE FNC is trying to get an innocent person fired. And Gabe I KNOW WHO it is. Best Sean.”

Earlier. when Hannity first heard the rumor of Shine’s imperiled fate, he tweeted. “Gäbe I pray this is NOT true because if it is, that’s the total end of the FNC as we know it. Done. Best Sean.”

His disbelief quickly turned to assertive action with Hannity revealing he could name names.

This is a disturbing and still developing story that could end very badly for Fox News if the rumor and Hannity is right.

Do you think the Murdoch boys are trying to eliminate the conservative voice of Fox News?


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