Anderson Cooper Gets CAREER ENDING News After Running Fake News Story on Trump

Anderson Cooper and his fellow members of the mainstream media are on a desperate mission to take down Donald Trump. That’s why this poll has come as VERY bad news to them…

The Hill reported that a new poll revealed that American adults trust President Trump’s White House more than the national political media. The Morning Consult survey confirmed that thirty-seven percent trust the White House versus 29 percent who favor the political media. Meanwhile, thirty-four percent are either unsure or have no opinion.

Pollsters found that nearly half believe the national political media is harder on Trump than past presidential administrations.

Forty-eight percent said America’s political journalists are tougher on Trump, compared with 16 percent who say they are easier.

Twenty-three percent say they are “about the same,” while 13 percent are uncertain or lack an opinion.

Friday’s results found a slight majority, 51 percent, say the national political media is “out of touch with everyday Americans.”

Twenty-eight percent said it “understands the issues everyday Americans are facing,” and 21 percent are undecided or have no assessment.

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H/T American New S outlet




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