NEWT GINGRICH IS GENIUS! What He Just Said to Trump Will Shut Down The 9th Circuit Court Forever

After the liberal 9th circuit court blocked ANOTHER one of President Trump’s orders, Newt Gingrich just laid out the plan to shut them down! President Trump’s Social Media director Tweeted out this video of Newt’s comments and it’s going VIRAL!

Newt explains that the founders set up our system so the President, with Congress, can shut these courts down if they overstep their authority. The 9th Circuit, which has BLOCKED Trump’s temporary travel ban, AND the order defunding Sanctuary cities, has gone too far.

WATCH this then SHARE on Facebook if you think Trump should SHUT DOWN the liberal 9th circuit court!

Turns out, Newt has been saying this for years. We found this exchange he had with Megyn Kelly in 2012 where he laid out his plan to fight back against these liberal judges!





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