HERE IT IS: President Trump Just Revealed The 5 Things Democrats Are Secretly Doing To Destroy America

President Donald Trump has only been President for 3 months and he has already gotten more done than Obama did in 8 years. However, despite his success, Democrats keep working non-stop to destroy this country.

That’s why Trump got fed up this morning, got on Twitter, and listed the 5 things Democrats are doing to secretly destroy America right now.

  1. Destroying our National Parks

  2. Shutting down the US Government

  3. Ending all of our Border Security

  4. Decimating our Military

  5. Ruining Healthcare

    And that is just 5 things. Knowing Democrats, their list of atrocities goes way deeper than just this list


See what I mean? Thank God we have a President now who is actually working to fix all the damage that has been done to our country.

I, like Donald Trump, believe that Government should be limited, the military should be powerful, and all Americans should have access to AFFORDABLE healthcare. My guess is that most of you folks do, too.

If you wanna pressure these liberal losers to stop their scorched-earth tactics and make the work with Trump, then show them they do not have the People’s support by Sharing this will all your friends and family.


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