OMG! Moments Into Nancy Pelosi’s Speech, WATCH Her Mental Breakdown That Will RUIN Her Career

77-year-old Nancy Pelosi took the stage today and had a mental breakdown like nothing we have ever seen. The 1- minute video below shows her slurring and stuttering, unable to get simple words out.

The elderly minority leader didn’t just slip up once or twice, but NINE TIMES IN ONE MINUTE! Considering Nancy Pelosi is one of the top elected officials in America, this should HORRIFY every American.

This is the second time her mental capacity has been questioned in recent months, but today’s incident was MUCH worse. WATCH this 1-minute video then SHARE this article on Facebook because the media won’t cover it!

It’s time to drain the swamp… and it should start with Nancy Pelosi.

And just for old times sake, so we can pay tribute to how crazy this old woman is… Here is a compilation of the nonsense she has said over the years:



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