IT’S OVER: Trump Just Went NUCLEAR All Over Obama And Clintons’ Legacy

I can’t think of any sneakier and more crooked US Presidents than Barack Obama and Bill Clinton. One of the most sickening tricks they used was hiding agendas and declaring “national monuments” so Republicans couldn’t stop them. Well, President Donald Trump just puts an end to that…

Today he ordered a full review of any National Monument made declared since 1996!

Trump gave Secretary Ryan Zinke 120 days to determine ‘if a monument should be rescinded, resized [or] modified in order to better manage our federal land.’

Now, to the untrained eye, this may seem like no big deal. Trust me, however, it is, and I’ll explain why.

The Antiquities Act was put in place by Teddy Roosevelt. It allowed the US President to declare national monuments.  This designation bans any drilling, farming and other money-making opportunities on that land.

Obama and Clinton had been abusing this to claim MASSIVE swathes of land for the US government with no checks. That’s not good.

That’s why Donald Trump ordered this review. We need to be able to maintain AND use our lands. That’s how we succeed as a country.

Do you believe in President Trump’s vision for America? If so, help give him a hand and share this with your family & friends.



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