All of us knew that Barack Hussein Obama’s Iran deal was bad, but even we never thought it was this detrimental for our country.

This week, the chilling truth about Obama’s deal leaked to the entire nation, much to the former president’s dismay.

Politico reported that Obama released Iranian-born prisoners to secure Iranian support for his administration’s infamous nuclear deal, he portrayed the released prisoners as simple “civilians.” However, in reality, some of them had been accused by Obama’s own Justice Department of posing threats to national security.”

This means that Obama lied and surrendered national security just to get support for his nuclear deal.


“Barrack Obama did more damage to our national security, to the United States military, to our border security, to our internal security with our police, than any foreign enemy or opponent could possibly achieve!” said conservative radio host Mark Levin. “This is a stunning story! And it gags me to say to Politico, I tip my hat. For once.”

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