Mattis Just Flew To Afghanistan Today And Surprised The Troops With Something Awesome

Today was a very special day for all the American troops in Afghanistan, and it was all thanks to Secretary of Defense James Mattis.

Mattis figured the soldiers there could use a morale boost, so he hopped a plane and flew all the way out to surprise them!

Well, it wasn’t just to surprise them. He actually went for top-level defense meetings to develop strategies to eliminate the Taliban.

It turns out they are still causing us major problems and they need MORE troops to deal with these radical Islamists.


Now, to be fair, General Mattis‘s impromptu trip to Kabul was NOT completely out of his way.

President Trump had actually sent James Mattis out there to meet with and negotiate with our “allies” in the Middle East in preparation for our war with ISIS.


See, this right here is how a leader of our Armed Forces should act. You never saw Ashton Carter under Obama doing HALF the stuff Mattis does. I guess they were too busy being SJWs to care about our troops.

If you think we have great leaders now, then help show the entire world.


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