IT BEGINS: Trump Just Sent North Korea A Surprise That Will BLOW Them Away

Late last night, President Donald Trump made an unthinkable step towards toppling the crooked regime of Kim Jong Un in North Korea. In a clear act of

**In a clear act of defiance, the president sent a nuclear-powered submarine equipped with cruise missiles to a South Korean port near North Korea.

This goes along with the numerous troops and aircraft carriers he has already positioned there.

If that was not clear enough, the President also announced yesterday afternoon that Kim Jong Un was “a problem that we have to finally solve.”

Sounds to me like President Trump, unlike Obama, is not gonna stand around and let North Korea build up a nuclear missile arsenal with zero consequences.

Now the US has sanctions on North Korea. China has quit buying from them. Russia and China have both stationed troops on the border of North Korea and we have our troops positioned to go.

Thank God we have a president who is ready to take real action and has the international backing to do so.

Hopefully, North Korea will get the message and dismantle their nukes. I am praying that is what happens. Peace is better than war. But, just in case:

God please bless our troops and our president and keep this country and its people safe.  -AMEN

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