CNN Reporter Tries To Embarrass Sean Spicer, IMMEDIATELY Regrets it

Sean Spicer had a HEATED exchange with CNN’s Jim Acosta today over President Trump’s proposed wall.

First, Acosta asked one of the worst questions ever, in an attempt to embarrass Sean Spicer. Acosta said, “If border crossings are down, is the wall even necessary?”

Sean Spicer was shocked to hear such a stupid question. He proceeded to DESTROY Acosta, pointing out that the Wall was about FUTURE immigration, not just what is happening right this second. WATCH this clip then SHARE on Facebook if you support the wall!

Before that, Acosta LIED and said that Trump was going to shut the government down this week to get the wall.

In reality, the Democrats BLOCKING funding the wall is who will be shutting the government down, if that happens.

No matter what, CNN just can’t seem to get their facts straight. Luckily we have Sean Spicer to keep them in line.



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